Author: Therry Alpa

Army Chief Lt. Gen. Hernando Iriberri is the new chief of the Armed Forces of the Philippines

Army chief Lt. Gen. Hernando Iriberri was appointed  as the new Armed Forces of the Philippines Chief of Staff. He assumes command of 125,000  strong military. Before his appointment as Army chief, Iriberri commanded the 7th Infantry Division in Nueva Ecija and the 503rd Brigade based in Abra, a traditional election hotspot. No less than President Benigno Aquino III credited him for the orderly election in Abra in 2013. Iriberri unit was instrumental for the attainment of the most peaceful election in the province of Abra,” Aquino said during Iriberri’s assumption as Army chief on Feb. 7, 2014. Aquino...

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When Working Abroad, how to Adapt to Multi-Cultural Environments?

When everyone shares work and living space in congenial harmony away from their respective home countries, there is successful multiculturalism. This is the demand of a rapidly globalizing world. As a Filipino working abroad, you need to understand the ‘how-to’ as it will help you to adjust to today’s work requirements and living circumstances abroad. As the expat skilled worker or professional located abroad, you must go that extra mile to get along with all your colleagues no matter where they come from. Leaving your own cultural comfort-zone and entering unfamiliar territory of other cultures without bias against any community or feel apprehensive and anxious about colleagues from other cultures is not always easy. By taking an interest and learning to appreciate how others live, think and react to various situations, however strange their ways may appear, makes you a better person. Any claim by you of cultural superiority is misplaced and fraught with the risk of your being isolated. Avoid negative comparisons between your own and other cultures and drive away notions that you are culturally superior. Accept different viewpoints to enrich your own attitudes and perceptions. Here are some proven ways to work in multicultural environment which would best drive your professional (and personal) objectives: Enrich yourself through multicultural exposure Remember that all cultures evolve from their own environment and logic over long periods. Therefore no culture...

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How To Be a Good Parent While Working Abroad

Working in a foreign country is doubly harder for people who have a son or daughter to leave behind in the Philippines. The decision to accept a job offer abroad may mean that you will miss some of the growing up years of your child. Since there have been countless tales of OFW children that have gone astray, an OFW parent may also have this fear that his or her child will grow up misguided and with little regard for them. Though some overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) are luckier because their host country and visa may allow them to bring dependents along, majority of the OFWs have to face the reality of being away from their children. The good news is that one’s genuine concern and love can be conveyed in spite of the distance. Overseas parenting is easier now in times of Facebook and instant messaging. Check out the tips below and may it help you maintain a good and close relationship with your children even while working overseas: Talk to your child even before leaving the Philippines. Explain to your child the reason why you need to work in a place that will allow you to be separated from him/her for long periods of time. Share the goals that you want to accomplish in working overseas and make your child feel that you need his or her...

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