San Fernando, Pampanga—-Male suspect identified as Raym Lacson alyas Paco was arrested for illegal drugs possession in a buy bust operation by the joint personnel of PIB, SWAT, Pampanga, the San Fernando City Police Station. Led by PLtCol Paul Ynigo Gamido, COP, SFPS, and Bacolor MPS with the overall supervision of PIB Chief PLt.Col Protom E Guevarra, chief,  the sale of firearm from the suspect resulted to an armed encounter.

When suspect sensed he was dealing with undercover police agents, upon receiving the marked money from police poseur buyer in exchange for a firearm, suspect pulled out his firearm and shot the police agent.

Instantly, police operative draw out the service firearm and returned fire to defend himself against the suspect who fell down sustaining gunshot wounds. Alias PACO was engaged in gun running and  illegal drugs in the Municipality of Bacolor Pampanga. (Cris Palarca)