TekNegoShow is DOST-ITDI’s newest digital endeavor aimed at making lives better after Covid 19 thru technology. Its first season will feature technologies and technical services geared towards health and hygiene which we deem relevant to the current Covid-19 crisis.

The live streaming of DOST-ITDI’s #TekNegoShow, can be accessed soon via ITDI’s Facebook account DOST ITDI Updates, or, on its own new Facebook page, and Youtube. Last week of August is the date.

The talk show will soon air narratives and insights of technology generators, business people, and the consuming public. The program is produced by ITDI’s Technological Services Division (TSD) through its Information and Documentation Section (IDS). In some of its episodes, #TekNegoShow will feature content of partner companies. This way ITDI can provide for the public virtual experience of the technology and a way to interact with technology generators and companies that adopt this.

DOST-ITDI expects to broadcast 13 episodes with a weekly Wednesday afternoon show date. During scheduled airing of each episode, viewers will have the chance to interact online with a team of moderators and they may also send questions.

The program is a limited series and will cast around 13 to 15 technology experts. Guests will be discussing select technologies deemed relevant to this current crisis such as ready-to-eat foods, health foods and drinks, VCO processing, and VCO-personal care and hygiene products. Meanwhile, food safety, packaging, and technology transfer mechanisms will be the focus for technical services. For that off-the-cuff, fresh, real business sense, an industry invitee will be joining us. Meanwhile, another segment shall break the punch through raw, unscripted reactions through ‘tektok’ capitalizing on the current online craze to elicit more active engagement with the audience. Prizes are at stake for the winning take.

“Hoping to widen and heighten engagement with our stakeholders, we are piloting an off-the-cuff business type talk show for the first time”, says ITDI Director, Dr. Annabelle V. Briones. She then adds, “With this initiative, we aim to be able to increase the likelihood of technology take up.”