In a significant move towards transparency and community involvement, Vice Mayor Dodot Jaworski, along with the Pasig City Council, has initiated the Talakayan sa Barangay series. This initiative, aimed at promoting community empowerment, seeks to address the everyday issues faced by Pasig residents at the grassroots level.

The inaugural session of the Talakayan sa Barangay series took place in Barangay San Miguel, marking the beginning of weekly consultations across Pasig City’s 30 barangays. Vice Mayor Dodot Jaworski declared a commitment to ending corruption in Pasig, emphasizing that public funds are now directed towards delivering essential services for the benefit of Pasigueños.

“The kind of governance we desire is one that listens, understands, and responds to the issues of every Pasigueño. This is a government that is an ally of the people,” Jaworski stated.

Vice Mayor Jaworski also praised ongoing transformative initiatives and programs, attributing their success to the reforms introduced by Mayor Vico Sotto in 2019. The Talakayan sa Barangay series represents a significant step towards inclusive governance, where the local legislative council and executive departments collaborate with the community to identify, discuss, and implement solutions to challenges.

This initiative aligns with Vice Mayor Jaworski’s campaign promise to foster a transparent, accountable, and participatory local government.

Pasig Allocates P3 Billion for Healthcare:

Pasig City has earmarked over P3 billion from this year’s budget to enhance healthcare services. Vice Mayor Robert “Dodot” Jaworski Jr. disclosed that a total of P17 billion has been allocated this year to address the problems faced by Pasigueños.

“Thirty percent of our budget has been set aside for healthcare services,” Jaworski mentioned during an interview at the launch of “Talakayan sa Barangay” in Barangay San Miguel. “This will be utilized for the upgrading of our hospitals and barangay health centers. Additionally, we will be hiring more doctors, nurses, and other healthcare personnel,” he added.

Jaworski highlighted that almost P2 billion was allocated for education. The city council has institutionalized the Pasig City Pag-asa Scholarship Program, offering 100-percent free education to student-scholars in the city.