Through meaningful and productive research and development endeavors PCAARRD continually pursues a legacy of excellence for the interest of more than two thirds of the country’s total population which depends in our agriculture and aquatic resources for livelihood.

The Philippines Counil for Agriculture, Aquatic and Natural Reources Research and Development of the Department of Science and Technology (PCAARRD-DOST) conducted the national Symposium and Development (NSAARRD) on November 10, 2014 at Makati Shangri-La Manila.

In this annual activity of PCAARRD, the significant contributions of individual and institutions in promoting the status and gains of research and development for the country’s agriculture, aquatic and natural research sectors are recognized by NSAARRD by presenting awards.

Recognition focuses on the research and development outputs that fuel the council to address its task in providing science-based know-how and trade that will enable the agricultural sector to raise productivity to world-class standards.

NSAARRD, other than the awards indespensably measures what the council has so far accomplished and what it has yet to accomplish in setting research and development direction for agriculture, aquatic and natural resources (AANR).

The council, with the conglomeration of the four-pronged R&D approach aims to contribute in achieving sustained growth for the people through high-end science and technologies which have commercial potentials, generated, and managed by a capable R&D workfarce, and sustained by needed R&D policies.

These include the councils various R&D pursuits in enhancing productivity through biotechnology and programs and modalities.

The councils R&D that is anchored on well-crafted programs and strategies as warranted by the needs of time yielded fine and productive results.

Earlier the council initiated the conservation farming village showcasing technologies for sloping areas and crafted the science and technology agenda to enhance growth on the concerned sectors and also crafted the Philippine S&T agenda on climate change to sustain productivity and competetiveness in the midst of climate change.

The council’s Industry Strategies & Program (ISP), the latest R&D-enabling blueprint, embodies the different S&T plans for selected agricultural commodities and crosscutting concerns describe the targets for each industry concerns describe the targets for each industry and pinpoint the aspects of the industry where S&T will make a difference.

Bridging People and Technology

Through the Techno Gabay Program and various information, education, and communication (IEC) updated to globalized information age, the council strengthened its technology transfer and communication activities.

The council aside from making services through mobile phone or short message system (SMS) makes itself available through various social networks (Facebook, Twitter and Google+)

Capacitating the Country R&D workforce

The council, through the Graduate Fellowship Program and non-degree training course, to achieve a capable R&D workforce in the AARN, it regularly features its human resources development program with the prevailing need of the R&D environment.

It also provides incentives and awards for significant R&R accomplishment and enhances demand for graduates of agricultural courses as incentive towards accelerating human capital build up.

PCAARRD, manifesting its culture of quality, adhers with International Quality standard by having been certified with ISO 9001 200 and later on with ISO 9001 2000 in 2011. It was awarded with for Philippine Quality Award (PQA) level, in 2009.

The council likewise promoted the interest of intellectual property management by spearheading the enactment of RA 10050 otherwise known as the Philippine Technology Transfer Act of 2009 or Republic Act 10055.

The law provides the framework and support system for the ownerships management, use, and commercialization of intellectual property generated from research and development founded by government and for other purposes. (PsciJournMegaManila)