April 23, 2024


The Katipunan ng Demokratikong Pilipino (KDP) Led by CARLOS VALDES President, KDP, issues a urgent plea for an IMMEDIATE CEASEFIRE and DE-ESCALATION of the escalating armed conflicts gripping the world.

The current militarization of Southeast Asia, spearheaded by factions within the US State Department and the Chinese Communist Party, alongside other nations, is pushing our nation and the world towards devastation.

We stand at the precipice of an unprecedented global war, fueled by tensions in the Middle East, Eastern Europe, and beyond. NATO’s increased presence in Ukraine and the Israel-Iran conflict only heighten the risk.

As Western powers conduct military exercises near our shores, we’re at risk of being embroiled in yet another proxy conflict.

We urge our leaders to prioritize diplomacy, invoking our Constitution to safeguard our sovereignty and distance ourselves from armed involvement.

Media must spotlight peace efforts to prevent loss of life and hold governments accountable.

Transparency is crucial, especially regarding agreements like the Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement (EDCA), and our leaders must trust in the collective will of Filipinos.

We call on the US, China, and other nations to engage us as equals, promoting dialogue and respect for our sovereignty.

ASEAN, Asia, and like-minded nations must echo our call for de-escalation and foster cooperation.

De-escalation is the first step towards lasting peace and mutual survival.

We reiterate our stance on non-interference, echoing Lincoln’s call for charity and prioritizing the fight against poverty, hunger, and disease.

As Filipinos grapple with rising prices, our focus must be on uplifting the general welfare of our people, not furthering conflict.

Let’s redirect our efforts towards fighting the true enemy: poverty, hunger, and injustice. That is the war worth fighting.