Agriculture Secretay Emmanuel Piñol today warned against falling for the wiles of someone pretending to be him who is asking truckers and importers to deposit money on his behalf in the bank account of an alleged Davao foundation.

Piñol said he has alerted law enforcement agencies and the security office of the Department of Agriculture to investigate the pretender.

He said truckers and importers have received text messages asking them to deposit money for the alleged Davao foundation to “Account No. 8119174938, Account Name Flordeliza M. Cordova, BPIU Islands savings account.”

The pretender also gave a number — 09275913404 — where the fake Secretary Piñol could be contacted.

“I am telling everyone to ignore this text messages and to report to me and to other law enforcers any further attempts by this person or these persons or group to extort money. I am very firm in cleaning up the Agriculture Department and there is no room for corruption under my watch,” Piñol said.

He added this could be a ruse to mislead people into thinking that there is corruption in the DA, and vowed to unearth this as soon as possible.

“President Rodrigo Duterte and I will not tolerate any shenanigan in this administration. We will clean up the government and make sure our people get the best service they can from the government,” Piñol said. (DA-OSEC)