It’s exactly 1 month already since Noon Break Media (NBM) Online TV premiered its flagship program and also its 1st program, Noon Break Balita. Yes, you’re reading it right! Noon Break Balita is now already an online TV program. Noon Break Balita is airing during noon break time, 12NN-1PM, for now we’re only airing Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, but sooner or later we’ll be airing every weekdays. The main broadcaster/anchorman of the program is no other than the publisher and owner of Noon Break Balita, Mr. Raffy Rico.

Our 1st episode aired last June 4, 2018, the episode’s focus is about the opening of NBM Online TV and all the future plan of the station. (Click here to watch the first episode) Precy Lazaro, Jimmy Camba, Miguel Vertudazo, and Boy Cruz joined our anchorman on the said episode.

Raffy Rico holding a stem of a herbal leaf brought by Precy Lazaro during the 1st episode of Noon Break Balita.

Today, July 4, it’s not only the 1st Month of NBM Online TV, we also celebrate the 10th episode of Noon Break Balita. (Click here to watch the 10th episode) Today’s episode is extra special because we had our special guest Mr. Earvin ‘Magic’ Villasper, the chef/owner of Chef Pals. Our anchorman together with Chef Magic discussed so many latest issues and topics, about the FIBA world cup Gilas vs Australia, about the floods here in our country, but the main focus of his guesting is about the food tourism in San Juan City, the home town of Noon Break Media and Chef Pals.

Chef Magic Villasper of Chef Pals discussing about food tourism in San Juan City.

On the other hand, Noon Break Media (NBM) Online TV, the station of Noon Break Balita program, will feature more programs on the future that will include a cooking show, forums, discussions, magazine program, and a lot of more entertainment and news programs. Just stay tuned and like Noon Break Media Facebook page to be updated.

For more information about Noon Break Media, or if you are thinking to have your own program, please email Mr. Raffy Rico at or You can also call him on the numbers that you can find in the ABOUT page.