Thank you Miss Earth. You said this is your first time to host a science state community celebration. I invite you to join DOST whether PCAARRD – FPRDI or PTRI, not that we are wanting in good looking employees. I think your concern for the earth and your ability to communicate will help us.

The Secretary greeted, Dr. Reynaldo Ebara; Dr. Edwin Villar; Dr. Melvin Carlos; Division Directors and staff; Representative from PCAARRD R&D Consortia, Co-workers in DOST; International partners; Scientists and Researchers; Friend from the Media; Ladies and Gentlemen.

Magandang hapon po sa inyong lahat – My 3rd Anniversary. Here is a paradox or mystery however you may say it. PCAARRD is 7 years old but the average length of service of PCAARRD staff is 30 years.

I take pride in once more being with our friends and allies in Agri-Aqua R&D, as we steadfastly chart a truly rewarding agricultural landscape for our people through better trough better technologies.

We saw the presentation of Dr. Edwin Villar with the itik in 2016, Native Baboy in 2017, Native Chicken in 2018 and Kambing by 2019.

To this end, we shall again recognize the outstanding contributions of our researchers, research and development institutions, and media partners who have always complemented institutions, our efforts through the efficient delivery of technologies, information and knowledge to us, especially in the countryside.

Our theme is Celebrating Excellence. I have no doubts about excellence but there are other parameters which we have to be concerned about like OUTPUTS in Technology and production and POLICIES.

PCAARRD’s anniversary theme: Celebrating excellence in agriculture, aquatic and natural resources innovations embodies not only the Council’s accomplishments of recent years, but the whole of its legacy as a leader of innovations in the AANR sector. These accomplishments are not only echoed by the accolades of the Council’s partners and beneficiaries, but more so by the productive technologies, that were generated in recent years through PCAARRD’s efforts and those of its partners.

PCAARRD’s provision of major services in the form of S&T policies, R&D management, technology transfer and promotion /commercialization, and enhancing of S&T capability and governance, has contributed in making science and technology responsive to the actual needs and prevailing concerns in the AANR sector. These services bore fruits in terms of environment protection and conservation strategies, achieving increased, productivity, addressing environmental hazards, and promoting partnerships and collaborations towards efficient utilization of R&D resources.

Allow me to mention some of PCAARRD’s worthwhile and meaningful R&D initiatives and accomplishments.

1. In terms of S&T policies, the implementation of the Closed Season Fishing Policy for Sardines in the Zamboanga Peninsula resulted in increased landed catch of sardines and high value non-sardine species and increased income of fishing crews.

2. On R&D management services, the technology in the use of Carrageenan as Plant Growth Promoter (PGP) in rice showed that rice had an average increase in yield by 29.91% and 19.8% in Regions 2 and 3, respectively.

3. On technology transfer, promotion, and commercialization, PCAARRD had a number of new and ongoing technology transfer modalities supplanting the traditional extension system. These include the S&T Action Frontline for Emergencies and Hazards(SAFE) Program and the S&T Community-based Program for Inclusive Growth (STC4ID). The former promotes disaster risk reduction and management as well as post-disaster community livelihood rehabilitation and reinforcement, while the second aims to employ extension modalities for geographically, economically, and socially disadvantaged communities.

4. In terms of enhancing S&T Capability and Governance, PCAARRD has continually forged various international and local collaborations to develop the ability and competency of researchers from the National Agriculture, Aquatic and Natural Resources Research and Development Network (NAARRDN).

Consistent with its pursuit of excellence in AANR innovations, PCAARRD is transitioning to ISO 9001:2015 and it has proven to be an effective partner in terms of human resource development and improve infrastructure.

These accomplishments, I am certain, from PCAARRD’s perspective, defy complacency and further inspire the Council to address the realities and circumstances in the country’s agricultural landscape as it undertakes

Sabi nga nila – we may have excellent products, technologies but the bottom-line needs a lot of improvement.

Foremost of these priorities, as I see it is the need to help our farmers and fisher folk to free themselves from poverty through better technologies. These sectors, according to the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) in a recent report, remain to be the country’s poorest of the poor, still a net importer of agricultural products (food), Income of farmers and fishermen still low and past harvest losses still high.

To address this, let us, therefore, intensify our efforts and work together to help our farmers and fisher folk realize higher yields, improve the quality of their products, and reduce crop losses, among other R&D needs, spend more for extension workers including staff, line agencies like DA, DENS and DTI and coordinate with CHED and do your SET-UP.

I just want to also share with you the high degree of satisfaction that I got in going around visiting HEI’s other through UPLB, UPV, NVSU, ISU, CLSU, MMSU, PASU and NICER.

As I close, I congratulate the winners of the different awards to be given later by PCAARRD. May these rewards further strengthen your commitment in helping us improve our agricultural pursuits for the welfare of our people, especially of the poorest of the poor.

For PCAARRD, let ‘excellence’ be a byword that will inspire more innovations for the AANR sector. And may it also serve as the council’s passport towards some fruitful and meaningful anniversary celebrations in the future.

Mabuhay ang PCAARRD! Mabuhay ang S&T siyensya at teknolohiya sa bansa, Mabuhay and Pilipinas!. Maraming salamat at mabuhay tayong lahat!