Dr. Vicente B. Malano (left), Admnistrator, of the Philippine Athmosperic, Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration (PAGASA), says the weather bureau issues 10-day forecast that provides advance notice of potential hazards related to weather, climate and hydrological events and could also serve as inputs/basis to formulate local climate advisory for farmers, fisher folks and disaster preparedness during the Roundtable Forum held at Lido Cocina Tsina, Mindanao Avenue, Quezon City on Wednesday (Aug. 7, 2019). Malano said PAGASA is undergoing modernization with additional four radar stations which is estimated to finish this year or early 2020, which include lightning detection system for airport operation. Also in photo are: Mark Timbal (center), Spokesperson, NDRRMC; and Lito Vergel De Dios, former director, MMDA. ( By: Ben Briones)