SM Appliance Center and its brand partners recently brought joy and inspiration to the frontliners and patients of the hospitals with their donations of electric fans, mosquito zappers, and washing machines. Indeed, it was truly a Bayanihan Spirit in the works.

Mosquito-challenged patients will no longer be bothered by insect bites, when summer nights beckon. SM Appliance Center donates environmentally friendly mosquito zappers from Daimaru, so now patients and staff alike are free from harmful insects, flies, and mosquitos. Insect killers from Imarflex and 3D brands were also given for further protection and assistance.

Electric fans will surely be appreciated during these hot days, as Imarflex, Asahi and 3D will bring cool comfort to frontliners and patients. These were donated to the Dr. Jose N. Rodriguez Memorial Hospital’s (Tala Hospital), Philippine General Hospital, National Kidney and Transplant Institute, Philippine Children’s Medical Center and Mary Chiles Hospital.In order to help hospitals with their heavy wash load, SM Appliance Center partnered with Whirlpool to donate inverter front load washing machines. The MegaTransport Logistics Corporation delivered these to the Rizal Medical Center, Las Piñas General Hospital, Jose Rodriguez Memorial Hospital, San Juan De Dios Hospital, Ospital ng Maynila, San Lazaro Hospital, Mary Chiles Hospital and Jose Reyes Medical Center.

Tysons Global Exchange Inc. also joined in SM Appliance Center’s initiatives with donations of Speed Queen heavy duty washers for the Lung Center of the Philippines and Amang Rodriguez Memorial Medical Center.

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