Riders of taxis, UV Express,jeepneys, and Laban TNVS can now avail of cashless payment in the New Normal, where social distancing and minimal human-to-human contact is crucial. Around 30,000 members and operators of these transport groups have partnered with SquidPay for Automated Fare Collection System (AFCS), a tactic for social distancing.

SquidPay, a rising payment solutions company and an enabler of contactless automatic fare collection has partnered with Laban TNVS, Lawyers for Commuters’ Safety & Protection, Dumper Phil Taxi Drivers Association, Stop&Go, and Euro Taxi to equip taxi units with an innovative automatic fare collection system (AFCS).

An estimated 30,000 drivers will now pilot the cashless, contactless, and seamless payment transactions between drivers and passengers. Through SquidPay, passengers can now conveniently pay via tap cards, NFC, or QR code. As public transportation advocates, these groups support the call of the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) to implement measures to minimize the threat of COVID-19, particularly the installation of AFCS on all public utility vehicles.

The clamor for ways and strategies to curb the virus is adamant especially that Metro Manila which has been in community quarantine for more than 60 days now is nearing the lockdown lifting. Acknowledging the fervent need to execute strategies in order to prevent the virus from spreading, the Philippine government encourages the use of AFCS. Notably, SquidPay’s AFCS automatically generates passenger timestamps which enables authorities to conduct an efficient contact tracing mechanism if necessary.

For more information on SquidPay, please visit our website at, or visit our Facebook page at SquidPay. In photo: Jun De Leon and Nemerson Austria of Laban TNVS, Atty. Ariel Inton of Lawyers for Commuters’ Safety & Protection, Fermine Oktobre of Dumper Phil Taxi Drivers Association, Jun Magno of Stop&Go Coalition, Robert Garcia of Euro Taxi, and SquidPay officials, Giovanni Mendoza, Chief Technology Officer, Harrison Yap, Chief Financial Officer, and Eric Tamayo, Chief Operating Officer.