The Philippine Rice Research Institute, in collaboration with other companies, have demonstrated the farming of Hybrid Rice during the rainy days season of this year.

The 14 techno-demo farms that occupy a total area of 11ha showcase Mestizo 1 or M1 (PSB Rc 72H) and Mestiso 20 or M20 (NSIC Rc 204H). With 123-day maturity, M1 averages 5.4t/ha with a maximum yield of 9.9t/ha. M20 matures in 111 days, averages 6.4t/ha, and reaches a yield of 11.7t/ha.

The DA’s RRP aims to produce more rice to lift the country’s sufficiency level from the present 87 to 93%. To achieve this, one of the components of RRP is the expanded hybrid rice production. On-farm studies show that hybrid rice yields higher than inbreds by a minimum of 15%. PhilRice participates in the 11th National Rice Technology Forum (NRTF) that showcases hybrid rice and other technologies in the 100-ha techno-demo farm in Butuan City,Agusan del Norte.

It also joins the provincial hybrid rice derbies in in Laoag City and Marcos, llocos Norte; Santo Domingo, Ilocos Sur; and Santa Barbara, Pangasinan.