For the interest of all teachers, a new learning tool for the management of online education has been introduced.

Featured among the many forums in the 2020 National Science and Technology Week (NSTW) celebration, the Philippine Science High School (Pisay) System of the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) is a webinar on remote learning experiences amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Top billing the webinar are Pisay’s results from its action research on remote learning and experiences in implementing its own learning management system. With this system, teachers and school administrators will learn innovative teaching strategies needed to adjust to the new normal. Pisay’s strategic plans for their student-scholars during the pandemic will also be revealed.

The research results are based on Pisay’s Knowledge Hub or simply called K-Hub. K-Hub is an online learning management system that was developed in response to the new generation of tech savvy students. The contents were carefully selected and reviewed by Pisay teachers to cater to the specific needs of students who were also adjusting to the pandemic.

K-Hub’s deployment was very timely given the restrictions caused by COVID-19, where making physical, face-to-face learning session seem to be impossible to conduct.

Watch the Pisay’s one-hour webinar and see more of the interesting webinars and exhibits which are part of the weeklong celebration of the 2020 National Science and Technology Week. Visit for more information.