SULU – Farmer-Beneficiary Abdusabor A. Kastulan of the Sapah Malawm Farmers Association in barangay Sapah Malaw, Indanan, Sulu has harvested his OPV white corns and earned Php 17,000, recently.

According to Ahmed Yamani B. Tuttuh, DA-SAAD Area Coordinator in Indanan, it is Abdusabor’s first time to earn such an amount of income from corn farming.

Just like any other farmers in the Sulu, Abdusabor struggled in guarding his crops due to the frequent visits of stray animals in their area which destroys planted crops.

In 2020, the DA-SAAD program extended the Cassava Corn Peanut Production Project in barangay Sapah Malawm.

“Abdusabor is fortunate that he became one of the target beneficiaries of the SAAD project. The program provided them with farm inputs that would help them to earn more and secure their crops,” explained the project area coordinator.

Abdusabor extended his gratitude to DA-SAAD, saying, “this project (SAAD) did not just give us something to plant, but they also provided us fencing materials to protect our plants. Right now, I am in much delight with the high income compared before. Thank you SAAD.  Alhamdulilah,” expressed Abdusabor in the local Tausug.

This October 2021, Abdusabor is expecting another harvest, now from his cassava which he planted to a one-hectare area. (Shara Malaica Ussam / DA-RFO IX, SAAD)