Dr. John J. Chiong, President of Task Force Kasanag (TFK), spearheaded the formal launch and induction of the TFK International Elite Group at the historic Club Filipino in San Juan City. The event, attended by VIP guests and government officials, emphasized TFK’s commitment to serving the Filipino people.

In his speech, Dr. Chiong outlined TFK’s advocacy, focusing on peace and development through community initiatives. He highlighted the organization’s mission and vision, currently in progress, with an emphasis on being an instrument of peace and order in the country.

Cristina Chiong, Chairperson of TFK International Elite Group, emphasized the organization’s non-profit and non-political nature. She affirmed their dedication to serving the Filipino people, declaring, “We are protected by God. We are the champion.”

Ambassador Arlene Riazon delivered an inspirational message, expressing confidence that TFK, under Dr. Chiong’s leadership, would provide substantial support to the government. Riazon urged patience and understanding in supporting humanitarian causes and the fight against terrorism.

In an earlier interview, Dr. Chiong, also known as “Berdugo Laban sa Corrupt,” stressed TFK’s role as a government organization fighting against graft and corruption. He highlighted the importance of filing complaints through proper legal channels and affirmed their belief in the rule of law.

TFK, established in 2009 in Bacolod City, operates nationally and internationally, with chapters in Japan, the United States, and Australia. The organization’s office is located in the National Capital Region.

During the induction ceremony, members of the TFK International Elite Organization pledged whole-hearted support for the organization’s mission and vision against all odds. April Malanque, a member of the Board of Directors, recognized key figures such as Ambassador Riazon, who now serves as the Task Force commander in Luzon.

Renato dela Cruz, a new TFK member and TESDA consultant, announced plans to create a database for TFK members and provide free scholarship, training, and workshops worth PHP40,000 each nationwide for their children. He also pledged support for rebels returning to society through scholarship and sustainable programs. While TFK remains a non-profit organization, the TFK International Elite Group welcomes various for-profit businesses. Founder John J. Chiong, along with members and officers, officially signed the Commitment of Support, solidifying their dedication to TFK’s mission and vision. (Photo by: Jimmy Camba)