The Philippines have hosted for the first time in the history the international competition for gifted students in science.

The 5th Asean Plus Three Junior Science Odessey (APTJSO) started its activities from June 13-18, 2016 at the University of the Philippines Los Banos, Laguna (UPLB) at the Umali, Hall.

The 3 activities such as, group presentation, laboratory assessment skills and project presentation would be the focus of its year theme, “ Climate Change in the Rainforest”

Participants of the gifted students of APTJSO came from the following countries: Sweden, China Taipei and Korea, Philippines, Thailand, Cambodia, Indonesia, China, Laos, Vietnam, Brunei Darussalam, Malaysia and Myanmar.

These gifted students for Science are Junior High School Students, ages from 13-15 years old.

Meanwhile, in a brief interview with Director Josette T. Biyo, Science Education Institute, DOST, according to her, she is impressed and proud to say that these participants, young as they are, indeed they have showed their capabilities to perform and explore in any activities they have undergone and have proven their talents in order that their brilliant minds could be fully developed to the highest par of excellence in the field of Science and Technology.

The teachers as chaperon of the participants from their respective countries were given enough opportunities to share their innovations and experties in the competition.

Likewise, the event served as the linkage to build friendship and camaraderie within their peers althroughout the duration of their stay in our country.

Furthermore, Director Rosette Biyo, informed that the winners for the competition would be awarded plaque and trophies. Cash incentives would likewise be given and full academic scholarship in school where they are currently enrolled.

The awards and incentives were sponsored by the Asean+ center for gifted students science.

The Asean +3 for gifted students in science and the Science Eduction Institute, DOST with the support of UPLB have worked together as partners to make this remarkable event a success. (Click picture below to enlarge)