By: Benedicto Briones

PRIDE OF INFANTA. Tourists enter the booth of Infanta town displayed at the Quezon Provincial Capitol grounds in Lucena City, in celebration of the Niyogyugan Festival on Sunday (August 25, 2019). The booth, intricately laced with bamboo poles and polished woven coco nets, has a pedestal that features a “falls” of coco milk cascading into a replica of the “bugsok”, a basket usually carried along by coconut farmers as their daily bag. ( by: Ben Briones)



NIYOGYUGAN FESTIVAL. Local residents and tourists look into coconut-made and decorated booths, in celebration of Niyogyugan Festival, at the Quezon Provincial Capitol grounds, in Lucena City on Sunday (August 25, 2019). A total of 41 booths, representing each of the province’s 39 municipalities and two cities, are on display, featuring the coconut — the province’s top product. (by: Ben Briones)