[From left to right: Arnold Sinen (Education Program Supervisor), Anna D. Liza Banayo (School Governance and Operations Division (SGOD) Chief, Daisy Z. Miranda, EdD (OIC- Schools Division Superintendent), Ruth B. Banzuela (Master Teacher 1, San Pablo City Integrated High School), Andrei Anne Palomar (Makipapel Project Head), Ynez Paula C. Navata (Makipapel Financial Analyst), Florie Lei J. Bulos (Makipapel Resource Coordinator), Venus E. Florentino (Senior Education Program Specialist)]

Financially-deprived students who can’t have access to reliable internet are rightful beneficiaries of the 232 reams of A4 paper, to be used for modules, thanks to Makipapel’s untiring efforts.

Pioneered by Laguna College’s 4A1-Nucleon Class of 2012, Makipapel is a volunteer organization based in San Pablo City Laguna. In light of the pandemic’s circumstances, public schools have resorted to mass-printing of modules in order to accommodate the less fortunate who have no internet connection for online classes. However, this meant producing huge amounts of paper. It is with this that Makipapel provides assistance by gathering resources for public schools and thereby, helping students in need. They have been distributing donations since August 23 up to date.

As the official start of classes nears, there is an even greater need for A4 papers for module-printing. “While we have achieved so much along the way, our project should not end with 200 plus reams.” Paula Navata, Makipapel Financial Analyst said. “We would like to extend our gratitude to those who have been part of this project: donors, volunteers, suppliers, coordinators, and everyone who helped in any way they can. None of this would have been possible without your participation and our collective effort.” said Andrei Palomar, Project Head of Makipapel. “We would also like to recognize Mr. Siegfred Palomar for being there since Day 1. His support and guidance paved our way to help more beneficiaries.”

“It may seem as simple as a paper. But these papers will soon determine whether the youth of next generation will receive proper education, without the worries of inaccessibility and unaffordability. We are knocking on everyone’s good hearts to help us lead a future of development and wisdom.” Navata added. Makipapel is reaching out to everyone for help. Donations and volunteers are very much welcome.