The Technology Application and Promotion Institute (TAPI) through the  is now accepting proposals for the protection of Intellectual Properties (IP) of technologies.

Proposal requirements are as follows:


a. Request Letter

b. Invention Disclosure Form

c. Disclosures (e.g. manuscripts / reports / technical paper); and

d. Preliminary Search Report

B. Industrial Design

a. Request Letter

b. Drawings showing all sides (right, left, bottom, top, front, back, isometric, 3D)

c. Photos showing all sides (if drawings are unavailable)

C. Trademark

a. Request Letter; and

b. Trademark Application Form

D. Copyright

a. Five (5) copies of the duly accomplished application form;

b. Five (5) copies of Deed of Assignment

c. Five (5) copies for material applies for copyright protection; and

d. Photocopy/scanned copy of recent IDs of the authors

Forms may be downloaded at

Aside from IP protection, assistance through the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) are also available. The PCT simplifies the filing of patent application to different member countries in terms of effort, cost, and time, and also works as a tool that reserves the applicant’s right to obtain a patent in a target country. The filing for a PCT is valid within one year after local filing of the application.

Requests of PCT applications will be accepted until April 30, 2021.