TOFARM 2023: Ang Muling Pagsibol


The world may have stood still for 3 years due to the pandemic, but people’s need for food and nourishment has not stopped. Our farmers must continue to grow produce despite this devastating situation that no one could have foreseen. Being the fighters that we are, our Filipino farmers strive and thrive amidst this challenging time.

TOFARM (Top Outstanding Farmers) Search and Award of the Philippines is finally back to put the spotlight on our heroes who took on the challenge ofcfeeding the entire nation to heart, even if the odds were against them. It’s high time they get the recognition and the reward they rightfully deserve.

TOFARM started in 2012, with the goal of giving recognition to the resilient, resourceful, and remarkable heroes of the agricultural sector in the Philippines. 5 seasons of awarding after this TOFARM has garnered around 800 nominations and has bestowed more than 185 awards nationwide. This year, TOFARM will continue what it has started. TOFARM 2023: Ang Muling Pagsibol brings back the hope that every Spring or Tagsibol symbolizes. It is the hope that the exemplary work and dedication of the agricultural sector will be recognized and supported by the private sector. This will hopefully inspire other farmers to develop their own skills, share their learnings, and possibly grow more awardees in the future. Acceptance of nominations will start on June 1, 2023. Nomination forms are available ar follow us on Facebook @tofarmsearch


(Prizes are a TOFARM Plate and P50,000)

1. Farmer

2. Woman Farmer

3. Young Farmer

4. Agri-Innivator

5. Agri-Intrepreneur

6. Urban Farmer

7. Fisherfolk

8. Livestock


(Prizes are a TOFARM Plate and P100,000)

1. Family Farmer

2. Agri-Initiatives

3. Agri-Cooperative

4. LGU

TOFARM: The Outstanding Farmers of the Philippines with the Theme ”ANG MULING PAGSIBOL” May 16, 2023, EDSA Shangri-La.

With the Guests: RW Bro ARIEL CAYANAN, Deputy Grand Master, ATTY KAREN GUILLERMO, 2023 JCP General Legal Counsel, MR ALEX ABORITA, TOFARM Gold Awardee Agri Initiative, DR. MILAGROS HOW, TOFARM Chief Advocate, MR. ROMMEL CUNANAN,  TOFARM Program Director. (Jimmy Camba)