Diabetes Mellitus is a disease that leads to high blood sugar level due to the abnormal handling of food and nutrients by the body. It could be Type 1 or Type 2. You (or your doctor) will be able to know you have it if you thirst a lot, pee a lot, lose weight but always hungry, and itch a lot. These are some of the symptoms of Diabetes Mellitus. A specific blood test will be required to confirm. Risk factors of Diabetes includes lack of exercise, unhealthy eating, being overweight, and  family history of the disease.

Now that the holiday season is fast approaching, and so are parties and festive eating.

Yes, diabetics can enjoy their Christmas parties as long as they are vigilant in observing what is eaten. Healthy or unhealthy? Enough or too much? The proper diet and medication, regular exercise, and avoidance of smoking and alcohol can slow down the progression of diabetes. Maintain your appropriate weight and avoid being overweight. Being obese can bring about complications.

This season, as you pass by that table laden with goodies, choose the healthy options: fruits and veggies, and fish. Avoid chicken skin. Have black coffee, or better still, water, instead of that sweetened drink. Fresh calamansi juice is also a wonderful option. Some dieticians suggest 1/2 of the plate for fruits and vegetables, 1/4 for starch or carbs, and 1/4 for protein. 


Saying NO to yourself is truly hard, indeed. Instead, compromise. Use a smaller plate. Take a little of many things, instead of lots of one thing. Prefer low fat and low sugar foods. For every glass of alcohol or soft drink consumed, take a glass of water. Choose fresh fish or seafood, instead of red meat. Avoid take out or take home leftovers. Avoid buffet restaurants.

If in case you overeat, exercise. Unburden all those excess calories.