The FaST strain Fresh Water Aquaculture (FAC) selected tilapia also known as International Development Research Center (IDRC) strain is gaining popularity as a viable business venture. The Philippine Council for Agriculture Aquatic and Natural Resources Research and Dvelopment (PCAARRD) through its Science and Technology Community –based Farm (STCBF) approach is further promoting its culture.

The result of the initial cycle of hatchery operation using S&T based interventions showed an increase in fingerling production from 396,765 prices (for non-FaST operator) to 418,000 pieces of FaST fingerlings sold at 40 centavos per piece amounting to a total grow of P167,200.

The FaST strain came from domesticated strains at Nile Tilapia from Israel, Singapore, Taiwan and Philippines. The strain is a product of within family selection and has undergone 34 generations of selection.

This tilapia line according to PCAARRD has higher average total egg production and growth rate than other strains.

The FaST strain (IDRC) was developed from a selection program under the Tilapia Genetics Project of FAC.

The STBCF project assisted hatcheries and fresh farmers of Cabanatuan City and Science City of Munoz, Nueva Ecija and Ramon Isabela in the hatchery/production of fingerlings and grow out operations.