DOST-PCAARRD recently celebrated its 4th Anniversry with the theme “Enhancing alliances, optimizing Outcomes” at the PICC Complex, Pasay City, last June 22, 2015. In line with this, they also gave Recognition to the Scientist/Researchers, Research Administrator and Tanglaw.

The Pantas seeks for outstanding scientists/researchers and research administrators, while the Tanglaw looks for laudable research institutions.

Pantas researchers/scientists will be evaluated for their significant contributions to the advancement of Philippine agriculture, aquatic, and natural resources. Research administrators and institutions, on the other hand, are evaluated for their effectiveness and efficiency in the identification and pursuit of relevant research agenda with the end-in-view of promoting national development through the creative use of S&T.

The Pantas Researcher/Scientist will recieved P300,000 cash prize, P2M research grant, plus Trophy. Pantas Research Administrator also recieved P300,000 cash prize plus Trophy and the Tanglaw P2M grant for capability building, institution and facility development.

Dr. Rhodora V. Azanza was chosen as Researcher/Scientist awardee

Present Position/Agency : Professor 12, UP-MSI; Academician, NAST

Education: PhD degree (Botany), University of the Philippines Diliman

Awards received:

· Outstanding R&D Award for Applied Research (Julian A. Banzon Medal, NAST), 2014

· Outstanding Research Leadership (NAST), 2014

· Outstanding Scientific Award (NAST), 2014

· UPAA Lifetime Distinguished Achievement Award (UPAA), 2013

· Best Scientific Poster Award (Association of Academies and Societies of Sciences in Asia), 2013

Technologies/information generated; patents and copyrights received:

· Culture of Pyrodinium bahamense compressum (Pbc) (UP Diliman- Trade secret) – Production of standards and new services

· Development of Pyroneosax as Monitoring Standard for Saxitoxin (Application IP protection on-going) – Production of locally available monitoring standard

· Clay Technology for Philippine Toxic Red Tides (Application IP protection on-going) – Development of local technology to manage red tides

Research projects

· Implemented at least 10 for the last 5 years with funding from local and national institutions

Dr. Azanza has served UP in various academic and administrative positions (from 1972 to present) including being the first woman dean of the College of Science – Diliman for 6 years. She was the concurrent vice-chairman of UNESCO-Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission (IOC) Panel on HABs and project leader of IOC’s HABs in Southeast Asia Portal and e-learning for 7 years. The ASEAN Red Tide Network, the first regional network of its kind, was coordinated by Dr. Azanza for more than 10 years.

She has been a leader in conceptualizing and implementing multidisciplinary, interdisciplinary programs that aim to understand red tide/harmful algal blooms outbreaks, identify factors that affect the occurrence of algal blooms, and design proactive strategies to mitigate their harmful effects. For the last 5 years, she has published 19 scientific papers in ISI journals and other international publications.

Research Administrator awardee was received by Dr. Othello B. Capuno

Present Position/Agency: VP for Research and Extension, VSU/ Director, ViCARP

Education: PhD degree (Plant Breeding and Cytogenetics), Iowa State University, USA

Awards received:

· AFMA Award, DA-BAR, 2012

· Best Poster, ACIAR, 2012: Protected Vegetable Cropping: Heaven Sent

As Chairman of the Corn and Sorghum TWG, he steered the committee in formulating guidelines and conducting the National Cooperative Corn Trial towards the registration of more varieties. As a result, 152 corn varieties/hybrids/OPVs and special types were registered for commercial release of varieties. He is also involved in formulating guidelines for commercial release of Bt corn in the Philippines.

As VP for R&E of VSU since 2008, Dr. Capuno has developed, managed, and maintained an innovative RDE system w/ 185 strong research programs/projects in rootcrops, abaca, coconut, fruits and vegetables, rice and corn, forestry, environment, fisheries, among others. Several knowledge products were already generated. Research technologies w/c include new varieties of rootcrops, coconuts, and corn, food products and bi-products, research techniques and protocols, and other basic information have been submitted for protection/patenting. Many of these have been presented in scientific for a, published in refereed journals, and disseminated through techno demo, training and IEC materials.

For Tanglaw Award, the Isabela State University (ISU) was the recipient.

· ISU is the host or base agency of three prominent regional centers: the Higher Education Regional Research Center (HERRC) under CHED, the Cagayan Valley Agricultural and Aquatic Resources Research and Development (CVAARD) under PCAARRD-DOST and  the Cagayan Valley Small Ruminants Research Center (CVSRRC). Having been chosen as the base agency is a recognition of ISU’s superiority and dominance among HEIs in the region in terms of capability in research management and scientific undertakings. Proof of the University’s strong R and D capability is the institutionalization of 10 R and D centers which for January to June, 2014 have generated scientific knowledge and innovations that are locally responsive and globally competitive.

· Presently, ISU is the seat of at least 12 R and D centers and laboratories, proof of its strong R and D capability.More than 40 technologies/significant information were generated by the university, where over 20 utility models and trademark were granted while over 10 pending patents were applied.

· The university implements an average of 18 projects/programs per year.

· ISU received 104 major and minor national awards and 3 institutional awards.

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