The Publishers Association of the Philippines, Inc. (PAPI) honored on August 28, 2015, the winners in the 2015 Search for the Outstanding Congressmen of the Philippines (TOCP) during its Midyear Convention at the Asian Institute of Management (AIM) in Makati City.

PAPI President Louie T. Arriola said that based on the Search’s defined criteria and records of the House of Representatives, PAPI TOCP Search panel has chosen only eight winners from among the many nominees and significantly, majority of the chosen awardees are party-list representatives.

The TOCP awardees in their alphabetical order are as follows:

clip_image002Hon. Congressman Alejano Representative, Magdalo Party-list. Congressman Gary C. Alejano, a former Philippine Marine Corps Officer excels in History and Geopolitical. In his current first-term in Congress Gary C. Alejano, a former Philippine Marine Corps officer excels in History and Geopolitical. In his current first Term in Congress, he has authored 40 bills and co-authored 36 House Resolutions. His bills and resolutions focused on increased assistance and support for veterans officers and enlisted personnel of the Armed Forces of the Philippines, members of the Philippine National Police and civilian employees of the government upon retirement.

clip_image004Hon Amando S. Bagatsing, Congreeman, 5th district, Manila, He currently shares the House committee on Ecology and the overnight Committee on Clean Water, He also previously chaired the House Committee on Game and Amusement ,Civil Service and Professions Populations Regulation and previously served as Alternative chair of the National Squatters and Squatting syndicated, and as an Urban Development Coordinating Council. He has authored and co-authored a total of 46 bills aside and has supported over 700 Scholars of the KABAKA Foundation.



Hon. Leopoldp N. Bataoil, Congressman, 2nd District, Pangasinan. He had served his country and people for 33years of his life in the noble profession of arms, the military and public service, before he ventured into the field of politics. He has principally authored 27 bills and co-authored another 113 measure, eight of which are now laws while the others are in various stages of the tedious legislative processes. He has also principally authored 27 House Resolutions and co-authored another 34.


clip_image008Hon. Neri J. Culmenares , Congresssman, Bayan Muna Party-List. He is a noted human rights lawyer and president of the National Union of Peoples’ lawyers (NUPL), a national association of human rights lawyers in the

Philippines. He authored the bills and constitutional law, Appellate Oral Advocacy: Writ of Amparo; Writ of Habeas Data. International Criminal court. International Human Rights IHI to perspective: Amending the Constitution: The Chacha Cases: The Human Security Act: Criminal Law and Practical Law Jures Prudence and many other.


Hon. Jonathan A. Dela Cruz, Congressman ABAKADA Party list. He pushes K+12 MDGs to benefit the disadvantaged. For ABAKADA Party list Rep. Jonathan A. Dela Cruz, investment in the development of people, particularly the poor and marginalized, can never go wrong. Thus he has chosen this fundamental concern as the core of his development advocacy. House records show Rep. Jonatahn dela Cruz has authorized 28 bills and co-authorixed 130 others, aside from vital resolutions and related. Measures which he sponsored in congress. His legislative works reveals his partiality for societal concerns and educational reforms intended to benefit marginalized Filipinos, including scholarship for talented but disadvantaged youths.

Hon Luz C. Ilagan Congresswoman. GABRIELA Party-List She is an activist, educator, and feminist who never forget her domestic responsibilities. Her persona as an activist educators feminist and public official stand socially and firmly. In congress her legislative initiative center mostly on women’s welfare. she has filed a total number of 2,192 resolutions many of which were adopted.

clip_image014Hon. Celso L. Labregat, Congressman; 1st District, Zamboanga City. He belongs to LP but dares to oppose BBL which the LP is pushing hard to hurdle the congrestional mill before President Aquino steps down from malacañang. Labregat registued a sterling record of performance that is unprecedented and unequalled in the history of Zamboanga city. National projects worth over P2.2 billion were initiated and/or implemented in Zamboanga during his first term of office. As a fearless frighten of good governance even before he joined the government, and in public office, founded on the constitutional tenet that public office is a public trust.

clip_image016Hon. Samuel D. Pagdilao, Jr. Congressman ACT CIS Party-list He was a 2-star Police General who enjoys the distinction of being the very first and only person from the ranks of the country uniformed service to have been conferred the prestigious, The Outstanding Filipino (TOFIL) Award in 2012. His Mistah Integrity manifested when he indicted his own superior officers and classmates-As a party-list Congressman now, he has remained true to his service advocacy. His initial 17 bills and 10 Resolutions filed in Congress all seek to empower law Enforcers to help promote peace and order by providing them adequate incentives, training protection and the decency and respect due them.

clip_image018clip_image020clip_image022clip_image024The four others presented special citation were House Deputy Speaker Giorgidi B. Aggabao of Isabela, Congresswoman and former President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo of Pampanga, Rep. Gina Perez-de Venecia of Pangasinan and Rep. Emil L. Ong of Northern Samar.(PScijourn Megamanila)