The National Police Commission (NAPOLCOM) approved the recruitment of 14,484 Police Officer 1 (PO1) through Resolution No. 2017-321 dated June 2, 2017 to increase police personnel strength, improve police-to-population ratio and enhance police visibility.
NAPOLCOM Vice-Chairman and Executive Officer Atty. Rogelio T. Casurao said that for CY 2017, the Philippine National Police (PNP) will recruit 10,000 civilians for the regular recruitment quota and 4,484 new police officers for the attrition recruitment quota.
โ€œThe regular recruitment quota will be distributed to all Police Regional Offices (PROs) and to selected National Support Units (NSUs) to strengthen their respective Public Safety Forces (PSFs) and support their personnel build-up program,โ€ Casurao said.
The attrition recruitment quota is intended to replenish personnel losses due to retirement, separation or death of PNP members, and consequently improve the prevailing peace and order condition in the operational area covered by the respective PROs and NSUs.
The 10,000 regular quota is distributed per region, as follows: PRO1- 300; PRO2- 350; PRO3- 300; PRO4A- 400; PRO4B- 350; PRO5- 800; PRO6- 400; PRO7- 300; PRO8- 800; PRO9- 500; PRO10- 600; PRO11- 500; PRO12- 500; PRO13- 700; PRO COR- 800; PRO ARMM-700; NCRPO- 360; PRO18- 700; Maritime Group (MG)- 200; Aviation Security Group (ASG)- 200; Headquarters Support Service (HSS)-100; Information Technology Management Service (ITMS)-50; Police Community Relations Group (PCRG)- 50; and Women and Children Protection Center (WCPC)- 40.
The 4,484 attrition quota is distributed per region, as follows: PRO1- 200; PRO2- 140; PRO3- 270; PRO4A- 260; PRO4B- 100; PRO5- 165; PRO6- 220; PRO7- 200; PRO8- 220; PRO9- 230; PRO10- 260; PRO11- 250; PRO12- 150; PRO13- 100; PRO COR- 200; PRO ARMM- 250; NCRPO- 500; PRO18- 150; MG- 150; ASG- 150; HSS-200; Explosive Ordnance Disposal K9 (EOD K9)- 54; and Crime Laboratory Group (CLG)- 65.
Applications can be filed at the National Capital Regional Police Office (NCRPO) in Camp Bagong Diwa, Bicutan, Taguig City and at the Police Regional Offices nationwide.
Vice-Chairman Casurao said that Chiefs of PNP Offices/Units and members of the various Screening Committees, including the head and members of the Secretariat, are required to ensure strict compliance with the recruitment procedures and guarantee the appointment of the best and most qualified police personnel, otherwise, they would be subjected to administrative sanctions.ย