Early El Nino phenomenon this year was warned by the experts of climate since drought is a global issue, scientists from worldwide are developing strategies to predict and mitigate its impact.

          Researchers at the Philippine Council for Agriculture, Aquatic and Natural Resources and Development (PCAARRD) of the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) funded “Peanut Seed Security Support Program in Region 2” were able to identify a drought tolerant peanut variety.

          Since drought and hot temperature are usually experienced in Cagayan Valley, researchers conducted several field trials on some selected peanut varieties in the said area and also addressed the farmers’ want and need for improved and drought tolerant varieties.

          The research team identified and recommended the ICGV 95390 as the first drought tolerant peanut variety in the Philippines, commercially known as G.D Lasam PRIDE, earlier registered with the National Seed Industry Council as NSIC Pn 17.

          The program team also developed a package of technology for confectionary varieties and wet season production aside from identifying G.D. Lasam PRIDE as the country’s first peanut variety that is tolerant –to drought.

          During dry season, G.D. Lasam PRIDE has a bean yield of 1,711 kilograms per hectare, pod yield of 2,182 kilograms per hectare, and shelling recovery of 72.5 percent. Its high yield makes it desirable for production.

          G.D. Lasam has large, pink seeds that mature early, making it a good alternative to late-maturing confectionery varieties such as NSIC Pn 13 or “Asha”. It has smooth shell cover and is resistant to bacterial wilt and diseases such as Cercospora leaf spot and rust.

          The research was conducted by a team from the Department of Agriculture-Cagayan Valley Integrated Agricultural Research Center (DA-CVIARC).

`        Farmers or entrepreneurs interested in obtaining the certified seeds may contact DA-CVIARC in San Felipe, Ilagan, Isabela.