The Philippine College of Physicians (PCP), in cooperation with the Philippine Society of General Internal Medicine (PSGIM), and Action for Economic Reforms (AER), recently held the PCP Health Forum to discuss what is really the main issue regarding our Health Care System.

The report regarding the procurement of vaccine brings to light the systemic problem in the prioritization of health funds, in the light of the fact that the basic elements of the Expanded Program on Immunization have not been addressed. While we say that PCV10 vs PCV13 is not the real health problem, it is a health-related problem.

What really the Department of Health leadership needs to focus is the bigger picture on (1.) Doctors shortage, (2.) Inadequate health facilities, and (3.) the poor’s lack of access to medicines.

Speakers in the said Forum were the following: PCP President Dr. Anthony Leachon, Former Health Secretary Esperanza Cabral, PSGIM President Dr. Antonio Dans, and Dr. Issa Alejandria, Infectious disease specialist and clinical epidemiologist from the UP College of Medicine.

According to the data provided, the latest count of our doctors here is 2,838, meaning, for every doctor, there are 18,000 patients. The nurses count is 4,576 (one nurse = 11,000 patients), and the midwives, 17,000 (1:3000). The forum was held in Quezon City recently..