The Philippine Rice Research Institute (PhilRice) brings rice learning experience closer to the public through a mobile museum that will be launched on Nov. 21 at the Rizal Park in Ermita, Manila.

Diadem Gonzales-Esmero, PhilRice supervising science research specialist and Rice Science Museum curator, said that 3D exhibits on growth stages of rice and its biodiversity will be featured.

Rice arts, farming artifacts, new rice farming technologies, and ways to be “RICEponsible” will also be displayed in the converted 10 wheeler- winged truck van.

RICEponsible, a word play between rice and responsibility, entails the public to have better attitude towards rice and farmers; that is, reduce rice wastage, eat brown rice and other staples, and value the hard work of farmers.

“This mobile rice science museum aims to provide a venue where the general public may enrich their lives through interaction with the rice visual arts in thought-provoking and creative ways that nourish and delight the mind and spirit,” Esmero said.

An educational outreach program, the museum will be stationed on Nov.24-25  in major high schools in Manila for the children to appreciate rice, its science, culture, and arts.

Esmero said that the museum will also be brought in far-flung areas to promote new rice farming technologies.

Winners in the Rice On-the-Spot Painting Contest, an activity that aims to gather ideas on how younger generations think about rice and the future of rice in the country, will also be awarded during the launching.