CAGAYAN DE ORO-After 25 years of long drawn-out legal battle, farmers here are teary-eyed after the Department of Agrarian Reform’s (DAR) finally distributed certificates of land ownership awards (CLOAs) to 21 agrarian reform beneficiaries.

Provincial Agrarian Reform Program Officer Zoraida Omar-Macadindang led the joint farmers’ installation and CLOA distribution in Upper Puerto in Cagayan de Oro City.

Macadindang said the farmers were installed in a 23.8-hecatare property formerly owned by Oroville Development Corporation.

“The installation [of farmers] proceeded peacefully and was immediately followed by the awarding of land titles to our farmer beneficiaries,” said Macadindang.

During the installation, Macadindang reminded the beneficiaries of their rights and obligations, and those of the  landowner,  as well, and that they should avoid to commit any violations per existing laws, rules and regulations.

“Make your lands productive and pay your amortizations and taxes religiously. We are proud and happy that you are awarded with this land,” Macadindang said.

Aside from awarding land to farmer-beneficiaries, the DAR also offers them support services such as provision of credit facilities, farm machinery and training programs to increase the productivity of their acquired lands. (R-10-cloa dist/pinkyroque)