Public and private sectors are preparing for the search for RICEponsible champions, an initiative that encourages the national and local sectors to promote non-wastage of rice and consumption of healthier forms of rice in their communities.

With about P10M at stake, the search is open to government offices, local government units, and learning institutions.

“We intend to join in this competition not just for the prize, but because we believe in the campaign messages. We are responding to the call of achieving rice self-sufficiency by conserving rice, eating brown rice and other rice staples such as corn, and encouraging farmers to adopt new rice farming technologies,” Cecille Palisoc, an elementary school teacher in Metro Manila said.

Hazel V. Antonio, director of the Be RICEponsible campaign, said the contest banks on the effectivity of local campaigns.

“We are encouraging our local stakeholders to participate because they know better how to gain support in their respective areas,” said Antonio.

Details about this contest are available at the Be RICEponsible website:  Deadline of submission of entries is on 30 June 2015. Campaign starts on 1 August 2015 and will run for a year.

Antonio said the participants will be provided with basic campaign material designs, which can be downloaded from the Be RICEponsible website.

“Participants can use the materials available or custom-fit the messages and designs to their audience to instill behavior change more effectively,” she said.

Taking off from the National Year of Rice 2013, the Be RICEponsible campaign engages all Filipinos to do their part in achieving rice self-sufficiency in the country.(DA-PhilRice Communication Division)