Camp Aguinaldo,Quezon City, (DWDD) –

  The Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) successfully staged its 2nd Social Media Summit today, June 23, 2015 with the theme: “Advancing Patriotism in the Age of Internet of Things” at the AFP Theatre, Camp Gen Emilio Aguinaldo, Quezon City

Spearheaded by Media and Civil Affairs Group (MCAG) and Civil-Military Operations School of the Civil Relations Service (CMOS) of the AFP, and organized by public relations agency ArdentComm, the event aimed to help an individual or organization’s initiatives in information and communication management, enhance the skills of social media managers and build bigger network with AFP’s civilian counter parts, and to establish a structure or mechanism that will synergize and harness social media efforts to achieve organizational and national goals.


BGEN JOSELITO E KAKILALA AFP, Civil Relations Service (CRS) Commander said, “with the advancement of technology and a growing community of Filipino netizens, it is time for us to be more relevant by using technology and social media as an effective tool of communication. We want to promote patriotism through the advancement of social media trends and breakthroughs.”

Research reports say that there are more than 43 million Filipinos who are accessing the Internet today, more than 90% of these tech-savvy Filipinos is on Social Media platforms.

The 2nd AFP Social Media Summit provided participants the opportunity to get insights on:

Social Media That Works: Best Practices in Building Social Media Plan for Organizations

Social Media in Cloud Computing and the Internet of Things

Role of Social Media in Peace Building -Using Analytics to Predict Social Media Opportunities

Radicalization in Social Media

Legislative Breakthroughs in the Age of the Internet of Things

Social Media Strategy That Works: Best Practices in Building Social Media Plan for Organizations

Forward Looking: What’s next in n the Future of Social Media

What lies ahead for Social Media as tool for uplifting an organization’s image.

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Information Officers from various units of the Armed Forces of the Philippines, Department of National Defense, Philippine National Police, Academic Institutions and other Government Organizations and Agencies attended the conference. Non-government and Civil-Society organizations were also invited.

“It is important that we impart to our people the right protocols of this exciting trend called social media,” said MAJ MICHAEL T AQUINO (INF) PA, MCAG Commander, CRS AFP.

GEN GREGORIO PIO P CATAPANG JR AFP, Armed Forces of the Philippines Chief of Staff delivered the keynote address.(Therry Alpa)