The Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) held their Welcome Ceremony in honor of Hon. Ismael “Mike” D. Sueno, as Secretary of DILG, at the DILG-NAPOLCOM Building, Quezon City, Monday, July 4, 2016, 8:00 .– 10:35 a.m.

The occasion was highlighted with the presence of Under Secretary, Hon. Austere Panadero and other Undersecretaries, Regional Directors, and Staff of DILG.

Present to welcome the new Secretary of DILG were some Congressmen from different regions, Board Members, Provincial Governors, Mayors and their Representatives from the Local Government Units (LGU).

The Chief of the Philippine National Police (PNP) had likewise highlighted the occasion in the person of Hon. Ronald “Bato” de la Rosa and other high ranking officials in the PNP.

Hon. Ismael “Mike” Sueno, Secretary of DILG was humbled by the presence and gestures of the guests who attended and graced the occasions to welcome him as one of the members of the Cabinet entrusted to him by President Rodrigo R. Duterte.

He gave his brief statements as regards to his political career. He had 12 years political experience as Mayor and also Provincial Governor in Mindanao from 1980-1992.

After his political career for 12 years he remain a layman. Because business runs in his blood, he entered in the Business Industry and engaged in AGRO-Fertilizer Enterprise. Moreover, he confided that he was an Ex-Seminarian for 9 years. He was not ordained for priesthood instead he entered another vocation in life “Married Life”.

Through his vast experience in politics, business and religious life he is confident that this was the reason why our President offered this position as Secretary of DILG.

At first he was reluctant to accept the position offered to him by our President, but considering that he has high qualifications in terms of education and government service and his strong faith in God that he can serve his best and further his capability to ultimately help in his crusades to fight criminalities and illegal activities that plague the progress of our nation, he humbly accepted and vowed that he would discharged his duties and responsibilities with utmost honesty and integrity.

As Secretary of DILG, his mandate is to ensure that the Local Governance would play a vital role in the delivery of better services to the public with transparency and integrity in the LGU. He would implement and order the short-cutting of requirements in the Registration and Licensing of Business Permits, thereby releasing the applications within 3 working days and to lessen the signatories for only 3 or 5 persons.

Likewise, he would implement the Barangay Empowerment. That Barangay would play a vital role and would serve as partners in eliminating the criminal and illegal activities within their jurisdiction.

He further informed the Body that there were 4,000 drug lords/pushers and addicts who surrendered in Mindanao to the proper authorities. In this regard, Governor Maguindadatu had donated 5,000 hectares of land to be used for the construction of Rehabilitation Center for drug addicts. He had already coordinated with TESDA so that the recipients could avail the proper trainings and skills while they are being rehabilitated and prepare for them for a better job opportunities. To completely change their lives for a better future.

Meanwhile, in a brief Press Conference, PNP Chief, Hon. Ronald “Bato” de la Rosa pointed out that the PNP Police force serving the Executive Officials in the Local Government Units (LGU) should be given full support and close supervision. Likewise, the PNP Police had been instructed and given orders to protect and serve the Executive Officials and the citizens with honesty and integrity.

The Chief of the PNP, bravely announced and warned the Elected Officials who are involved in illegal activities especially drugs to stop and surrender in the earliest possible time, otherwise he would be constrained to dealth with the necessary actions within the limits of the law vested on him, in his capacity of the Chief of PNP.