The Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) has urged the public to report drug-related information and activities happening in their communities through its 24/7 Text Hotlines.

Known as the “PDEA 24/7 Text Hotlines”, the round-the-clock message center aims to wholly engage the citizenry in the fight against the use and abuse of illegal drugs. The system enables the public to inform and report to the Agency drug-related activities believed to take place in their communities. This is also an information hub where questions and queries posed by the public can be easily received and answered by PDEA.

“The PDEA 24/7 Text Hotlines, which has been operational since 2013, is the fastest, secure and affordable means to receive, process and reply to anti-drug queries and information from concerned individuals. At the same time, the system also provides a venue that is accessible to all to report to PDEA any suspected illegal drug activities in their neighborhood,” said PDEA Director General Isidro S Lapeña.

Since its launch in April 2013, a total of 18,286 messages containing drug-related reports, were received through the hotlines.

“These information led to the conduct of significant anti-drug efforts that include intelligence operations, casing and surveillance operations, and treatment and rehabilitation assistance,” Lapeña noted.

“Through the text hotline, the citizenry will be encouraged to work hand in hand with PDEA in enforcing the anti-drug law by passing timely and reliable information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week,” Lapeña added.

To send anti-drug reports to PDEA 24/7 Text Hotlines, simply follow the directions below:

Text: Name of Drug Users/Pushers and Complete Information

Send to: For SMART Subscribers – 0999-888 PDEA (7332)

For Sun Subscribers – 0925-573 PDEA (7332)

For Globe Subscribers- 0927-9150616