The University of the Philippines Los Baños (UPLB) conducted the first of its kind media talk on technology and knowledge called “UPLB-Media Techknow Talks” at the Amici Caramia, Tomas Morato, Quezon City on October 1, 2016

The event was attended by the tri-media of different print (online), broadcast, and Tv entities and the UPLB Chancellor’s group, researchers and Prof. Jonas George S. Soriano, Cabinet Secretary Deputy Executive Director, Performance and Project Management Office.

Dr. Fernando C. Sanchez Jr. UPLB Chancellor welcomed the participants introduced by Josephine M. Bo, Operation Director.

Sanchez in a message said that it is proof that science and technology is a veritable rich source of solutions to the food security and sustainability challenge faced by the world today.

UPLB has identified food safety and security as the primary focus for research and development in the coming years. Thus, it will continue to invest resources in the area in order to produce more technologies that will matter in the lives of our people, and help ensure that food is always on the table of every Filipino home.

An audio visual on UPLB technologies were presented such as the “Sahod-ulan” rice varieties bred for climate change, OPM Var 6 (an improved version of white corn, Ri-Co (corn an alternative means to rice suffiency), Hydroponics in a SNAP ( A soilless crop culture) edible Aesthetics edible plants (landscaping), bio fertilizers (organic fertilizers) partnerships, trainings, organic and conventional food, policy support and others.

UPLB aims to disseminate through the media these technologies they have developed.

In the open forum one common question cropped up from the media initiated by Sac Sarian, after it has been written like the solo papaya and read the question is where can you buy this? For those who want to plant it, where can you buy the seeds?

Just like the bio N-fertilizer, the Micro-Vam fertilizer and other organic fertilizers. As, I understand researchers/inventors in the UPLB take care of the technologies only and not the production for commercialization and the try-out of the product or the technology for the would be takers.

At this point Prof. Jonas George S. Soriano from the Office of the Cabinet Secretary of Malacañan Palace suggested to have a dialogue with the UPLB personnel on the matter to consider or determine possible investors or partnerships in the technology and other matters pertaining to the supply and marketing of the products.

The media participants showed enthusiasm to do their part in the dissemination of the technologies UPLB has developed and expect invitations for related activities.

Dr. Susan May F. Calumpang assistant to the Vice chancellor for Research and Extension, overwhelmed by the reactions of the participants set aside her prepared closing remarks and talked from the bottom of her heart as she expressed her thanks to the participants especially the media who expressed full support to the project of UPLB and very optimistic that the notes in the media kit received will be used by them for dissemination so the public may know and avail of or invest in the technologies UPLB have developed to ensure sustainable food for every Filipino.

The event was kept alive from the start to farewell by the two masters of ceremonies JP Aquino (mascot of UPLB according to him) and Albert Peralta. (PSciJourn MegaManila).