Vicente B. Malano Ph.D., Administrator

Recent PAGASA’s climate monitoring and analyses showed that La Niña conditions are no longer present in the central and eastern equatorial Pacific (CEEP). The sea surface temperature anomalies (SSTAs) at the CEEP continue to return to El Nino Southern Oscillation (ENSO)-neutral values. La Nina like-patterns of above normal rainfall in some flood- and landslide- prone areas, especially in Mindanao, are not likely to linger as noted in the forecasts.

With this development, PAGASA ENSO Alert System Status is “INACTIVE” (El Niño or La Niña conditions are not observed or expected to develop in the equatorial Pacific basin within the next three (3) months) and ENSO-neutral condition is favored to continue through at least March-April-May 2017 season.

PAGASA will closely monitor any significant climate conditions and updates shall be issued as appropriate. For further information, please contact the Climatology and Agrometeorology Division (CAD) at telephone numbers 434-0955 or 435-1675. (Thru Estrella gallardo, PSciJourn MegaManila).