The Department of Science and Technology (DOST)-Philippine Council for Agriculture , Aquatic and Natural Resources Research and Development (PCAARRD), Strategic Industry S&T Programs for Agri-Aqua Commitment to Outcome One, which the Council pursues through the Industry Strategic (S&T) Program (ISP) SIPAG embodies not only the values of hard work to bring out the best in agriculture, aquatic and natural resources research and development (R&D) but also the benefits that these efforts will bring to every Filipino, hence PCAARRD’s SIPAG ni Juan.

The 6th Anniversary of celebration of PCAARRD at Los Baños Laguna on June 28, 2017presented various R&D on different agricultural crops/animals and sea crops.

Among them was Promoting the Seaweed Drying System.

Seaweed farming is a good income source especially for people living in coastal barangays. However, seaweeds have to undergo partial drying before being sold to processors (for carrageenan production). This drying process help ensure better price. The usual farmers’ practice is to sun dry harvested seaweeds in open areas which greatly affects the quality of seaweeds especially when exposed to rain. Rain forces farmers to either cover seaweeds being dried or collect and place the seaweeds in temporary storage areas and wait for good weather. To address this problem, a floating seaweed dryer was developed for local seaweed farmers for them to readily dry their harvest and be assured of better price. A floating seaweed dryer was developed to answer this need of seaweed farmers: a simple and effective dryer which can help lessen harvest losses due to bad weather conditions or typhoons.

Advantages • Transportable: eliminates the need to transfer fresh seaweeds from production site to the drying area; the dryer can be towed directly or near the farmers’ production area. • Less handling/Effort: reduced the problem of frequent covering or gathering of seaweeds being dried due to unexpected rain which can result in poor quality dried seaweeds. • Better quality, higher price: seaweeds dried from the developed technology have whitish color which is preferred by buyers and classified as class A, which commands a premium price. • Mitigate if not prevent contaminants such as sand and dirt. • Uniformly dried seaweeds

Target Beneficiaries • Seaweed farmers/Seaweed farmers’ group or association • Local government units • Seaweed industry

Locations • Calatagan, Batangas • Anilawan, Puerto Princesa, Palawan • Ambulong, San Jose, Mindoro

Partner Institutions • University of the Philippines Diliman – Marine Science Institute (UPD MSI) • Palawan State University (PSU) • Batangas Seaweed Farmers’ Association (BASEFA) • Ambulong Seaweed Farmers’ Association (ASFA)• Anilawan Seaweed Farmers’ Association.