A group of tri –media (print, broadcast and television) upon invitation of Ms. Charina Garrido Ocampo of Monsanto Philippines now bought by Bayer toured the Monsanto Pulilan Plant in Bulacan on January 25, 2018.

Monsanto is an international agricultural entity that is best known for agricultural seeds most especially, as the pioneer in Bt crops, Bt corn in particular, planted in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao, having the most production in Northern Luzon.

Bt corn the yellow one was tried initially by Monsanto in 2002. It was meet by disapproval by most corn farmers, being vehemently criticized by a certain group, as hazardous to the environment and mankind’s safety, without scientific proofs or basis.

This affected the early adaption of the Bt corn as planting material in most areas in the Philippines, but later on through the years had been proven high yielding, less pesticide application and most importantly friendly or safe to the environment and currently the farmers choice for cultivation, though export of grains is not yet allowed, however, has found market for its silage as farm animal feeds outside its boundaries.

After the briefing of Mr. Generoso Agbon, the welcome remarks of Ms. Charina Garrido-Ocampo, Dr. Gabby Romero talked about the adulterated seeds, being marketed by unscrupulous traders. Ms. Maricris Pelarca presented the Pulilan Plant, after which the plant tour has become a done deal.

Indeed it was, because the visiting Media had the chance to clearly envision how the plant works from the seed collection, moisture contents specification to be at 11.5 percent from the plant as against the tolerable moisture content allowed at 14 percent of the government.

There is the 98 percent purity of the seeds with a 2 percent allowable refuge rates while maintaining a 90 percent germination status, (the alive seed ratio maintained).

The media were able to see personally how seeds were selected, weighed, treated and packed in bags of more or less 10 kilos of DEKALB 69195b, 5% RIB sufficient to plant a half hectare corn farm.

Monsanto Pulilan Plant Bulacan, Philippines has manifested proper stewardship on Bt corn since 2012 or for the last five (5) years. (PSciJounMegaManila)