“In protecting and preserving, developing and promoting the very essence of Halal, we strengthen efforts and ensure that Science, Technology and Innovation can always serve up its crucial purpose- as backbone for Halal industry with-Halal integrity at the core,” says Dr. Senaida Hadji Raof Laidan, Chairperson of WHAP and Regional Director of DOST XII.

The Halal Industry is undoubtedly booming forward with increasing global market worth value of USD 3 TRILLION. The Philippine government, seizing this huge potential, is extending high efforts to develop and create vast opportunities and programs for Halal Industry.

The Department of Science and Technology (DOST), to materialize this efforts organized the World Halal Assembly Philippines (WHAP) with the theme “Development Premium Brand thru Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) at Sofitel Philippines Plaza Manila on January 18-19, 2018.

The WHAP is set to strengthen international partnership and linkages for Global Market and set to strengthen uncertainties in Halal Branding creating a platform for experts, traders and government to discuss networks and farm business alliances thru Science and Technology.

DOST XII is a prominent government agency of the country and a pioneer mover of Halal Industry through its Halal Science and Technology Program.

Dr. Senaida Hadji Raof Laidan, DOST XII Regional Director and devout muslim and prime mover for genuine Halal Industry acknowledge the importance of genuine branding of Halal products to tap the lucrative Halal market in global scene.

The branding itself will require competent certification process, thru scientific and innovative approach, to fully establish the Hallal status of the products by adopting a Unified Global Halal Standard.

The two-day event offered conferences and workshops that will provide in-depth understanding of the concepts and core value of Halal to further expand the country’s Halal Industry:Participants will be able to access firsthand information on Halal including ‘Halal: A way of Life’, ‘The Global Halal Market Today and Opportunities for SME Development thru Science, Technology and Innovation’, ‘Unified Global Halal Standard of OIC-SMIIC: Technical Regulations and Scientific Implications on Halal’, ‘Islamic Banking and Innovations in Halal Financing’, ‘Eco- Halal’, among others.

The ‘One Standard, One Test, One Certificate’ thrust of DOST XII in developing Halal Premium Brand is a breakthrough solution to address issues of uncertainties and bias to certified Halal Products thru S&T.

The multi-faceted event was participated by local and international Halal experts, manufacturers, entrepreneurs, partners in the academe, and government and non¬government bodies.