On Jan. 15, 2019, a Signing of Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) was undertaken between TRASHTALK, a private corporation headed by Ms. Avella Lipata, Chief Executive Officer and the LGU of the Municipality of Silang, Cavite, with Mayor Emelita Lourdes Poblete.

Waste Management is an issue that needs to be given serious considerations and solutions by our local authorities as well to our household owners.

Recently, the LGU of the Municipality of Silang, Cavite had launched a Green Energy Project in order to respond the problems of Waste Management in their locality. They entered into a contract with TRASHTALK to engage their services whose expertise and capability can effectively and efficiently expedite solutions with use of modern technology.

TRANSTALK with its Malaysian business partner, Mr. Tiu, have collaborated with the Industrial Technology Development Institute (ITDI), attached agency of the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) through Engr. David L. Herrera.  All the materials and equipments to be used for this purpose are sourced locally.  “This is an opportune time to share my legacy and expertise having working in ITDI for 3 dacades”, he said. He has applied modern technology  through his initiatives and innovations.

The ITDI wil be conducting a pilot study in a span of 5 months prior to implementation of this project. Likewise, they will coordinate with the Department of Energy for process and for the particular use of shredder.

Meanwhile,  a courtesy call with Barangay Captain, Crispin Reyes of Brgy. Veloso, Silang, Cavite was of great help for the said project. Kap Reyes, aside from being the Village Chairman, is also the owner of a construction company. His influence, knowledge and expertise has definitely contributed to make this endeavor a success.  He informed that in the next few days they will be holding series of meetings with Ms. Lipata and Engr. Herrera as regards to the finality and prior to its ground breaking.

They are optimistic that through their hard work, honest and noble intentions they would succeed. The LGU of the Municipality of Silang, Cavite would set a role model across the country being the first to implement such kind of project. (Adela G. Ida)