Agriculture Secretary William D. Dar asks National Dairy Authority (NDA) to increase milk production in the industry. During the 25th Founding Anniversary of NDA on March 10, 2020, the Secretary underscored the importance of increasing the population of dairy herds to meet local milk requirements of the country. According to Dar, even with the combined performance of the NDA and the Philippine Carabao Center (PCC), the total milk production at present is still at a low level of 1.2% “Let’s aim higher, elevate your game,” he said.

The Secretary added that it is critical to increase the population of dairy cattle and upgraded carabaos, which could produce at least 12-15 liters of milk per day. As such, he directed NDA and PCC to double their efforts and partner with the private sector. He also urged the private sector to support the local dairy farmers by leading the development initiatives for the dairy industry in every province in the country. “We will give incentives to private entities that will bring in improved breeds for dairy production,’” he explained.

Dar likewise committed making available a credit window facility under the Land Bank of the Philippines to support the dairy industry. “I will ask Land Bank to open up a loaning program for dairy with 2-4% interest rate,” he said.

Under his instructions, the NDA and the Philippine Council for Agriculture and Fisheries (PCAF) will reconfigure P1.5 billion budget per year to support dairy production. From the said amount, about P500 million (M) will be allocated to support the milk production efforts of NDA, in partnership with dairy cooperatives in the provinces with competitive ends.