Embracing DA’s Plant Plant Plant Program, the Department of Education – CdeO initiated backyard gardening activities thru the ‘My Pet Plant’ project. This included schools within the city of Cagayan de Oro (CdeO), including Pagatpat National High School (PNHS)..

The My Pet Plant Project is seen as a psychosocial activity that students can productively and safely do while integrating it to their school subjects, as they adopt to a modular mode of learning triggered by the COVID-19 health crisis. In support, the Department of Agriculture – Regional Field Office (DA-RFO 10) thru Regional Technical Director for Operations Carlota S. Madriaga turned over 150 packets of Sinigang composed of Radish, Kangkong, Tomato, Pole Sitaw, Okra seeds to Jovel P. Flores, Teacher I of PNHS.

The granted request is in time for the distribution of said provisions during the school’s Parents’ Orientation of said Project. “With the given seeds, children can nurture and monitor the growth and development of plants,” Flores said. He added, that DA has extended a great help with the provision of free seeds.

The ‘My Pet Plant’ project is on track towards contributing a sustained food production, accessibility, and affordability, especially during this trying times. As of August 3, 2020, a total of 3,608 vegetable seed packets were distributed to various city schools for such Project.