shark image

In celebration of international Shark Week, we invite you to visit the Greenpeace photo exhibit entitled SOS: Spotlight on Sharks, on display from now until July 12, 2015 at Level 3 of SM North Edsa, The Block. Featured are dramatic images that capture the majestic beauty of these mysterious creatures of the deep and their importance to marine ecosystems.

Tens of millions of sharks worldwide are killed every year. Many— if not most— are caught accidentally in fishing gears, while others are killed directly for their fins, meat or oil. Shark habitats are also being destroyed by both man-made and natural causes and as a result, some species of sharks have plummeted in numbers, or in some cases, have become locally extinct.

Greenpeace hopes that the SOS: Spotlight on Sharks photo exhibit will break the stereotypes surrounding sharks. Composed of 14 moving images from world-renowned and award-winning photographers commissioned by Greenpeace, the exhibit hopes to encourage public and national support for the protection and conservation of sharks.