Social Security System (SSS) members reaching the technical retirement age of 65 can now file their benefit applications electronically through the SSS Website (, giving retirees a fast, convenient and paperless alternative to the manual submission of claims at SSS branches.

SSS Vice President for Benefits Administration Agnes San Jose said this new SSS web facility also enables senior citizens to submit their retirement benefit claims without traveling to and lining up at SSS branches, which saves them time, money and effort.

“Members should first have an email address ready and register with the SSS Website so that they can file their technical retirement claims online. Retirees can view the status of their application through our website, and we will notify them through email about the approval of their claim,” San Jose said.

Apart from the minimum age requirement of 65, claimants must also have at least 120 posted monthly contributions to be eligible for the online facility. Members cannot file their technical retirement claims online if they have canceled or multiple Social Security or “SS” numbers, pending cases with the Social Security Commission, dependent children, or employed as an underground mineworker.

“The retiree-applicant must also have no unpaid SSS loan, unless this outstanding loan balance pertains to an SSS calamity or salary loan, including those borrowed under our Salary Loan Early Renewal Program,” San Jose explained.

After receiving the benefit claim application, the SSS web system will verify whether the member has met the qualifications for the online facility. The system would either accept the member’s application if all of the requirements were met, or the retiree would be immediately informed of the lacking requirements.

“For example, if a member is below 65 years old and has a canceled SS number, a message will pop-up on the computer screen stating that he is ineligible for the online service due to the said deficiencies. In this case, the member must personally file his claim at the nearest SSS branch,” San Jose said.

Once the online technical retirement claim application is successful, the SSS will provide an acknowledgment receipt which the member may print. Members whose applications are accepted online must not submit another application in an SSS branch to avoid problems in processing their retirement claim.

“Similar to paper-based applications, retirees applying online can also avail themselves of the advanced 18-month pension which they can use for a new business venture, leisurely travel, and other personal endeavors that they want to pursue post-retirement,” San Jose noted.

The state-run institution has 1.08 million retirement pensioners at present, who account for over half of the nearly two million SSS pensioners to date. For queries about the online facility, members can contact the SSS Call Center at 920-6446 to 55 from 7a.m. on Mondays all the way to 7a.m. on Saturdays.(SSS Media affairs Department)