The DOST supports the proposed Salary Standardization Law IVthat is bound to increase the basic salaries of civilian government personnel including S& T workers nationwide.

Likewise, the DOST unswervingly upholds the spirit of RA 8439 which recognizes & properly compensates the efforts of S&T workers in laying down the cornerstones of development in the country.

We will continue to support further moves to safeguard the gains of RA 8439 or the "Magna Carta for Scientists, Engineers, Researchers and other S & T Personnel in the Government".

In line with these, certain provisions to further strengthen the SSL 4 ,particularly in safeguarding the Magna Carta, have been discussed together with your employee representatives and already forwarded by the DOST’s legislative liaison group to our fellow workers in government presently working on the proposed SSL 4.

I would like to assure everyone that the concerned members of the legislature and that of the executive have accepted these proposals warmly.

Therefore, as the SSL 4 reaches a crucial stage in the bicameral conference committee we trust that the committee composed of members from the Senate and the House of Representatives would arrive at a win-win solution that would address the vital issues and arrive at a final version acceptable to all parties.

To the DOST family, let us keep up our dedication to our work as we hold on to what is just and fair to us as government workers who toil very hard to move the country forward.