Quezon City’s first bakery the 78-year-old, pugon-style Kamuning Bakery Café and Senator Loren Legarda led celebrations of United Nation’s “World Environment Day” on June 5 at the bakery’s “Pandesal Forum” starting with a ceremonial planting of Kamuning tree seedlings in Quezon City.

In the same Pandesal Forum, Senator Loren Legarda lamented United States President Donald Trump’s decision to withdraw its government from the Paris climate change agreement, she said: “The decision reeks of ignorance and condemns U.S. foreign policy to infamy. It is truly sad, but we are not hopeless. The way forward is for U.S. cities and states to enforce it.” She cited other countries of the world such as China, France and others for their governments’ commitment to the Paris Agreement and to global joint efforts in finding ways to solve the climate crisis facing the earth.

Senator Loren Legarda said that the Philippines is only 0.3 percent share in global greenhouse gases (GHG), yet the country is the world’s third most vulnerable to climate change impacts. She said that developing countries like the Philippines should demand “climate justice” and vigorously champion pro-active efforts to protect the environment. She also stressed that 64 of our 84 Philippine provinces, plus 822 coastal municipalities and 25 major coastal cities are at risk due to sea level rise.

The legislator said that the world today faces two biggest evils threats—terrorism and climate crisis. She urged all people to do our share to protect the earth. A lifelong environmental activist since her previous career as a broadcast journalist, Senator Loren Legarda is principal sponsor and author of the Philippine Climate Change Act and its amendatory law the People’s Survival Fund Act, also the Ecological Solid Waste Management Act, plus many other environmental and disaster risk reduction bills. (Photo By: Jimmy Camba)