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STARBOOKS is the first digital science library in the Philippines that may be used as an alternative learning tool in the new normal. It is a stand-alone information source designed to reach those with limited or no internet access to information.

STARBOOKS is an acronym, meaning Science and Technology Academic and Research-Based Openly Operated KioskS. Its project aims to provide S&T based educational and learning resources in various formats to geographically-isolated and economically-challenged schools and local government units (LGUs) throughout the country. It was also designed to further implement the mandate of DOST-STII to provide access to S&T information as well as stimulate interest of the public to science and technology.

It also features videos dubbed “TamangDOSTkarte Livelihood Videos” to stimulate every Filipino’s entrepreneurial capacity.

For those who would like to establish their STARBOOKS in their own area, and to ensure proper installation and use of the units, DOST-STII conducts trainings to the regional officers and beneficiaries, and meetings to gather feedback from the coordinator for the further improvement of the project.

As of July 02, 2020, STARBOOKS is now on 4,800 sites in the Philippines.


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